Our Philosophy

Dynamis ABA International A.C.T.S.

  • Accountable
  • Compassionate
  • Treatment Fidelity
  • System Approach

Dynamis ABA International A.C.T.S.

A – Accountable

Each program is designed to have high levels of accountability. Treatment progress is data-driven and transparent to all staff members and clients involved.

C – Compassionate

Dynamis ABA International, LLC exercises compassion in our approach to treatment as we value individual needs and consider interventions that promote a better quality of life for our clients.

T – Treatment Fidelity

Dynamis ABA International, LLC is grounded in treatment encompassing evidence-based practices. We explore all research-based approaches when designing treatment interventions.

S – System Approach

Dynamis ABA International, LLC utilizes the family unit and community as a dynamic system with members influencing one another to enhance the outcome of the client’s outcome.