Dynamis ABA Lead

See what makes us different.

  • Total Care Principle
  • Total Technology Synthesis
  • Total Quality Care (TQC)
  • TQM: Real-Time Data

Key Advantages

Total Care Principle

Dynamis ABA International highlights personalized care and service delivery as a meaningful and personal connection to each family as well as a commitment to each client and family is the Dynamis ABA International lead.

Total Technology Synthesis

With our data-driven ABA treatment model, we are able to advance the ABA field for clinicians to enhance treatment recommendations in real-time. In this manner, a larger impact in our approach is possible through recommended program modifications of treatment of individuals with autism and related disorders.

Total Quality Care (TQC)

Total Quality Care (TQC) is a set of guiding principles and philosophy that Dynamis ABA International abides by in order to focus on continuously improve our organization and services we provide our clients. TQC emphasizes providing a finished product through improvement of work quality and needs of the client and family. In order to reduce inefficient practices, we involve the entire organization in continuous monitoring of empowering employees at all levels and improvement of company quality.

TQC: Real-Time Data

Our proprietary TQC monitors progress for continuous evaluation and improvement across all company teams.

Why Us?

Dynamis ABA International’s approach to treatment is client-focused, naturalistic, and centered around everyday family routines to embed generalization of skills and to promote independence and quality of life right from the beginning. Our programs focus on increasing each client’s motivation for meaningful interactions and achievement. Dynamis ABA International incorporates multiple evidence-based practices, such as Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Positive Behavior Supports (PBS), and Pivotal Response Training (PRT) in order to effectively provide best practice treatment in our programs.

At Dynamis ABA International, service delivery tailored with personalized care is guaranteed. We establish a personal connection to each family and advance alongside each other for every client to help create “Strength and Ability for Life.”